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well since everyone is doing it, might aswell too

so it all started on youtube basicly, and i was aware of those who call them self gmodders that time but after awhile i watched few of their works like rubberfruit ,:icontishadster: , etc. 
but then after watching these videos i was thinking on doing one of these videos someday, after awhile like a year i guess i bumped up to a youtube gmodder which is this guy :iconblueyoshi121: pretty much i was interested in his videos that time and i wanted to meet him personally so we met in a tf2 game and after long talk we became friends but then i asked him if he can teach me on making these gmod videos and he did and for my first on making the video well it was a good beginning but it wasnt the best because it was like a slide show, but then after awhile i learned more. even though the reason why i joined gmod is to make videos about revenge and those stuff and anime style of course.

days later i met this guy :iconwawor: in a server with :iconblueyoshi121: when i was acting weird on the mic it made Wawor laugh alot he started to like me and i started to like him too so we became friends after that i noticed he was a gmodder too and he taught about gmod more then blueyoshi, anyways after several months later completed my first series of the attack of pinkamena and molestia it was not bad after that wawor told me if he wants me to join skype call with others i was like um ok then he added me into that group which had alot of gmodders but i cant really mention them because i dont remember much.

but it was nice meeting all of these gmodders and looking at their arts and thats where i decided to join DA to share my arts of gmod aswell. there are some people that i have been watching them and what they do and how they act and all to just be prepared if i meet them someday, anyways.

but thats all i remember back then i dont want to bring up a long story that much, however there are people who helped me and i would like to mention them on how i met them,etc .

:iconwawor: well without him i would not have met any of these gmodders and i still find him as my first best friend in this gmod community and still..i find him funny.

:iconblueyoshi121: i still have to thank him because he kinda inspired me into gmod even though i bearly talk to him sometimes.

:iconbeardeddoomguy: you helped me alot and you helped alot of people in this community im glad that i met him.

:iconlabet1001: your kind and friendly and all but there is a reason that i have this hatred on you which idk why and i find it funny XD but still your black :3

:iconvalkyrie1312: ''enemy valkyrie incoming'' i used to make that joke with you but still i see you as good friend and also one hell of a german guy :3

:icontishadster: he is alright but i will still remain mysterious to him.

:iconhalcoon-145: your like my second best friend and i find you different and unique but i still thank you that you were there when i needed you.

:iconnexus-del-morte: ''nexus del morte autidorie de franeizi el bollocks'' XD i find him a funny british dude.

:iconolivierrol: lets go bowling :3

:iconelliot151: your funny and silly BUT YOUR EVERYWHERE XD nah i wish if i knew more about you but sometimes things doesnt work out due to the time zones but your a good person.

:iconsfmaniax: the time when i was hanging out with you was fun with the others.

:iconmastereg::iconnightb1ader: you two are something but you two are really good friends

i guess thats all i can mention but there are some people i couldn't mention because i have no other words to say about them 
anyways this is how it all begins.
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your welcome here =3
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